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Enchanted Blooms

The ‘Enchanted Blooms’ collection is inspired by the natural beauty, form, delicacy and vibrant colours of endangered and rare flowers. The variety of cuts, silhouettes and fabrics reflects the uniqueness of Sanyukta Shrestha brides.

“Every bride has her very own style and to me flowers are a constant reminder that just like every woman, a flower is unique and has its very own shape, character, beauty and imperfection.”

These latest designs maintain the company’s eco-friendly values, drawing inspiration from conservation research into endangered plants.

“ Flowers like the Middlemist Camellia are romantic while the Jade Vine is incredibly exotic and vibrant.”

Nature never fails to amaze with its incredible splendour and uniqueness, and in creating this collection Sanyukta is hoping to draw attention to all those beautiful flowers facing extinction. By wearing one of these designs one does not only look stunning and feel comfortable, but also draws attention to the cause and supports sustainable and ethical fashion.

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Tulip & Kadupul
White lotus
Edelweiss Ensemble