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Vegan Dream – Cruelty free Bridal


The ‘Vegan Dream’ inspired by Narnia’s whimsical world that depicts the deep connection and harmony between humans, nature, and animals. This year, addition to many Sanyukta Shrestha sustainable and vegan bridal collections, the designer saw fit to reflect her longstanding beliefs in a modern luxury collection that not only fights against animal cruelty, but it also looks stylish and is equally affordable. This cruelty free wedding dress collection is a celebration of love between humans, the Earth and the animals’, a wedding look that more effortlessly fit into any woman’s sustainable wardrobe and provide her with options to reuse and recycle after the wedding. Read more about the collection on the latest press reviews here.

‘For a bride it is so important to feel comfortable, naturally beautiful and confident in her wedding dress while staying true to her belief and personality, and I think this collection is reflective of those elements and the different aspects of the Sanyukta Shrestha woman who respects world around her with compassion.”- Sanyukta, Designer

The whole collection is created without any animal products and features 22 unique Ethical wedding dresses that are handmade in Nepal using skin nourishing hand-spun and hand-loomed 100% bamboo, 100% organic cotton, luxe silky and floaty vegan eco- fibre that are made from the cellulose of wood pulp (100% biodegradable and compostable) to Newlife recycled fibres.

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A pioneer for sustainable luxury bridalwear, the brand is leading by example by giving back to the community, promoting a green future, and supporting women empowerment. This collection also dedicates 10% of its profit towards Covid Relief Project in Nepal to help vulnerable homeless people which the brand is continuously supporting since beginning of Pandemic. Not only is this collection the brand’s most affordable sustainable collection by far—made with handmade, sustainable, vegan materials—it also highlights positivity and strength as a developing vision of achieving a sustainable bridal fashion world.

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