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Autumn Daydream – Free spirited Brides


Entwined with the nostalgia and extraordinary beauty of nature, the eco bridal campaign is a love letter to autumn and the poetic atmosphere of nature during the designer’s favourite season. The “AUTUMN DAYDREAM” bridal collection explores the season’s sense of purity, innocence and romanticism and is designed for ‘free spirited brides’ that believe in living life to the fullest and experiencing as much of it as they can.

Smitten at first sight as a nature lover, for her luxurious sustainable wedding dress collection, Sanyukta draws inspiration from the peace she finds in her home, a charming 200 years old Georgian Manor surrounded by enchanting naturesque dreamy surrounds. The warm tones of autumn leaves and pastel skies was the backdrop of a fairy-tale that unfolds at Sanyukta’s own sanctuary, where the peace and serenity that surrounds designer’s own home spurs her creativity and inspiration. 

Inspired by English Romantic poet John Keats and his poem titled  “TO AUTUMN’ , Sanyukta embraces the cycle of autumn and compares the changes in the seasons to the connection between the Autumn (personified as a model) and the leaves (as dresses) as she unfolds her beauty featuring 14 fashion forward pieces, from full dramatic voluminous gowns to contemporary see-through lace designs made out of the most luxurious, sustainable fibres where as the young model in the collection depicts Autumnal seeds, adding hope to the falling leaves with ivory, yellow and peach tones in sustainable designs.

The daring yet elegant silhouettes and colours of the collection portray the ‘Sanyukta Shrestha Bride’; A contemporary muse who doesn’t follow fashion, but rather prefers to make her own statement by embracing her own nature and individuality. Sanyukta’s “Zero waste” philosophy was a strong influence for upcycling and incorporating different elements from her strongest creations so far, recreating an eclectic mix of innovation and sustainable timeless design while staying true to her ethics and eco-friendly approach that the ethical wedding dress designer is widely known for.

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