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Enchanted Blooms

Spring 2017

Created alongside the Enchanted Blooms bridal collection, Sanyukta Shrestha was struck by the incredible beauty in both the form and colour of rare and endangered flowers- leading her to create a sister evening wear collection.

“ Flowers like the Middlemist Camellia are romantic while the Jade Vine is incredibly exotic and vibrant.”

The collection is inspired by the natural beauty, form, delicacy and vibrant colours of endangered and rare flowers. These latest designs maintain the Sanyukta’s eco-friendly values, drawing inspiration from conservation research into endangered plants. Nature never fails to amaze with its incredible splendour and uniqueness, and in creating this collection Sanyukta is hoping to draw attention to all those beautiful flowers facing extinction.


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Jade & Ixia
Middlemist Pink
Kadupul Ensemble