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Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Bespokea new custom made design just for you, which is not already part of our collection.

Sanyukta Shrestha designs bring real romance and exclusivity for each bride, embedding environmental appeal through her remarkable understanding of every woman’s wish for individuality, comfort and uniqueness on their special wedding day.

Each Wedding dress is a unique cohesion of the bride’s wishes and personality. Sanyukta’s innovative and original bridal designs are always embraced with her passion and knowledge of couture craftsmanship, natural fabrication and hand embroidery.

Special Consultation

At an initial consultation, Sanyukta will listen to your ideas and consider carefully the venue and mood of your wedding. From the beginning each bride will be involved in the design and development of her wedding gown. You will be provided with initial sketches and fabric samples to work towards a final design and cost.

Sanyukta’s passion for natural and chemical free fabrics means she works closely with certified and reliable organic Fairtrade fabric suppliers, in order to source the ideal fabric that is not just luxurious to look at, but also in touch for the bride’s skin. The health benefits that come with this also benefit the brides’ experience as the fabrics are hydrating and nourishing, creating a much more pleasurable feeling whilst wearing the garment.

Toile Fittings

Once we have a finalised sketch, a toile is made as a mock-up. This is to perfect the fit and refine the style on the body. You will be invited in for us to fit the toile, and any adjustments will be made to your pattern before the dress is cut in your chosen natural unique bridal fabric.


Toile we cut a pattern to your own measurement, which is then made up in a cotton or similar fabric.

Bridal Fittings

You will then have up to 3 bridal fittings to ensure you have the absolute perfect fit. Fabrics, embroidery, styling and silhouette can all be tailored to your exact requirements.

Once your gown is made in your choice of bridal fabric you will have your first fitting. This in most cases will take place around 1 month prior to your wedding day. Your gown will be adjusted to the correct length and any small alterations will be done to perfect the dress. Your final fittings will take place 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day, before it is ready to collect.

These timelines are approximate and we will of course work with your schedule to accommodate your needs.

Price Range

Our bridal wear prices range from £1,500 – £4,000 for a made to measure wedding dress.

When making a bespoke wedding dress, we are able to give a quote once we know all of the work involved. We hold consultations by appointment only in our bridal studio in London, at no financial obligation.

Rush order

A rush order service is available should your wedding be in under 5 month’s time, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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